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STEAM Scholarship

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Anderson Construction, Art, Astrin, Bison Wrestling Leadership, BlewettBowmanClass of '89 Bison SpiritDaileyEidelFeaster, First Interstate Bank, Garver, GFH Class of '84, Great Falls LeadershipGieslerGrasseschi, Heinz Memorial, Hoard, Hoppock/Avery, Hopkins, Hults, Indian Education, Jack and Rosann Johnson, Jake Arntson Teammate of the Year, Jan Leslie Memorial, Jaraczeski, Jennings Family, Kelly Johnson MemorialKirwin School for GirlsKnudson-Johnson, Langevin, Lemire, Loney, LundquistMills Memorial, Nagengast, Nebel, Nimmick Memorial, O.C. SeltzerOgrinOsbornePalm, Palm Appreciation, Parker, Parson's, Riggin, Ross Johnson Memorial, Rudolph Schoesser, Rudy Sabo Memorial, Sam’s HopeSamatha Sipes Memorial, Senger Family, Speech and Debate, Spirit of '58, STEAM, Stice, Carl StraightSturgesTracy FamilyVan TighemEd Warren Education Scholarship, Weitz Memorial, and the Wright Scholarships.

Scholarship Recipients

A copy of the Foundation's 990 is on file and available for viewing during regular business hours at the Foundation office: 1100 4th Street South, Great Falls, MT. For information please contact Dave Crum, Foundation Executive Director, at 406-268-7340.

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