Dream Big Grant 

The “Dream Big” Grant awarded $100,000 to an innovative and unique educational project or program that further enhances our high-quality teaching and passion for life-long learning. The 2016 "Dream Big" Grant winners were the Prairie Expedition grant at Great Falls High.

Student Reports

Quotes pulled from student's reports on their trip to the Buffalo Jump and/or the American Prairie Reserve. 

  • "The tour guide told us the reason why we can't feed the prairie dogs. He said that there was a prairie dog that was orange because it only ate Cheetos's." -Cassandra F. 
  • "Something I thought was interesting was how they put collars on wild animals and they track the animals through these collars and most animals died within a year of having the collar on." -Tianna M.
  • "The view was spectacular it was well worth the long and hard walk up." -Tyler B.
  • "Sierra also said "you are what you eat but you are also where you eat." And that is something I have never really thought about, where the food I eat comes from and how it was taken care of." -Brynn D.
  • "The trip has made me think deep into my future, after spending a couple days on the reserve and on farms an interest has been sparked in my head to possibly become a biologist and base my life off the controversy of reintroducing bison back into Montana." - Matthew L.
  • "The Hike was my most favorite part of the whole trip. It was amazing seeing everything!" - Angela G.
  • "That day was a great day to get out and explore beyond the great walls of Great Falls Montana." - Sydney K.
  • "It was really great to have these guest speakers at our school to tell us all of this interesting information, I'm glad that we had this awesome opportunity to learn new things." -Korbyn R.
  • "After listening to Kyran talk about the Prairie it really made me look at our land and animals differently, I realized how precious our land is and that we need to take care of it." -Gabriella G.
  • "Overall, I learned quite a bit of valuable information about ranching and farming. I am very grateful we could have these speakers come to our school." -Sarah K.
  • "It was a very fun experience at the First Peoples Buffalo Jump. I hope we go there again some other day." -Trace K.
  • "I learned many new things about wildlife and the way they live, and it's all thanks to the Randy Matchett for taking time out of his day to talk to my class, it was very informative. I very much enjoyed his presence and his teaching strategy. I hope, someday, I get to experience the way of the wild, as closely as Randy does everyday." -Grace N. 
  • "I also learned the the Rocky Boy reservation is the smallest reservation which is also the reservation I come from." -Lacey Z.
  • "In my opinion some of the things they created and used it for is very impressive but others are just disgusting, for example they used the bison's bladder for canteens." -Colette G. 
  • "If you ever get the chance I would go and check out the First People's Buffalo Jump. I'm sure it'll be worth your time." - Shaylee M.
  • "Just sitting in the battlegrounds was a great experience, because I could truly visualize the struggle and hardships of the indians in those few days, stuck in the middle of the winter." -Benjamin H.
  • "I believe the over arching lesson was that we should be good stewards to our land and treat the flora and fauna with respect. We need to preserve what we can because in 20-30 years there's not going to be much left." -Jacob N.
  • "When you walk into the Visitor center doors, you are amazed by the information before you. When I went, the first thing I noticed was a full-body mount bison that said "Please Touch". Surprised, I touched the buffalo and felt it's thick, scrunchy hair. Many stations, a photo gallery, a tepee, and an informational talk later, I came out with a lot of knowledge about the buffalo jump." -Benjamin H.
  • "Something that stood out to me the most is how half of the wildlife has disappeared over the years." -Courtney K.
  • "There are no words to describe the beauty of the stars and constellations on that night... As we went back to our tents it was a surreal feeling to fall asleep to the sounds of crickets and frogs." -Cayley N. 
  • "On the last day of the Prairie Expedition trip we experienced the Bearpaw Battlefield...It was fascinating yet sad at the same time to hear all of the different stories from those short October days. It's amazing to know that most of the fighting took place within thirty minutes."- Cayley N.

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